About Kiss Run

    Kissrunis the leading women half marathon races in China, created by the Amazing China Sports 

    Management Limited Company in 2016. The company has over 13 years experience in professional 

    marathon operations. It is one of the most significant strategic partners of the Chinese Athletic As-

    sociation and the exclusive authorized operator of Half Marathon Championships Series in China. In 

    2013, Amazing China Sports Management Limited Company started to develop women half mara-

    thon market and became to an industry initiator. In 2016, the Chinese Athletic Associations exclu-

    sive authorized the KISSRUN as the highest-level Women Half Marathon Championships Series in 

    China. The KISSRUN is also ties with NRC Women’s Half Marathon Taipei in order to develop 

    women half marathon market.

    Kissrunis committed to creating positive women culture in society by focusing on family, public 

    benefit, and gender equality. This mandate makes the KISSRUN proudly unique since it is the only 

    race in China dedicated to giving women and girls a chance for a better life.Kissrun’s popularity 

    has attracted more and more female runners within the nation even sports stars, including 2007 

    London Marathon’s Women Champion Chunxiu Zhou, the first IAAF marathon champion in China 

    XueBai, and the women marathon champions of 2013 Beijing International Marathon and 2008 

    Xiamen International Marathon Yingying Zhang. As the most important brand series of Amazing 

    China Sports Management Limited Company, Kissrun had successfullyoperated in Nanjing, Chengdu, 

    and Wuhan. In 2017, Kissrun is going to expand in Shanghai and Hangzhou in order to create the 

    most commercially valuable marathon in China.

    Kiss Run’s Twin Races

    Nike Women’s Half Marathon Taipei

    Public Benefit